Midwest Borzoi Club Specialty

Ann Arbor, Michigan

February 29, 2008     

Judge, Regular & Non-regular Classes:  Kalen Dumke

Judge, Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes Classes:  Jon Reimer

Judge, Obedience:  Sharon Redmer


 Best of Breed

  Am/Can CH Auroral's Across Time Sirius

by Am/Can CH POSH Echovesna's Islaev x CH Sirius Reach For the Stars   

breeder:  LaVonne Novakofski     owners:  Jon Steele & Jennifer Steele


Best of Opposite Sex

CH Timatuck Echovesna Honor

 by CH Echovesna Zorro  x  Khanzade's Winter Olympic

 breeders:  Marcia Timmons & Katrina Averill.     owner: Harriet Goldner


Winners Bitch & Best Of Winners

Meyta Blackmoor Single Sensation

by CH JAY JP Rajin At Meyta  x   CH Blackmoor Illusion Of'N Angel

 breeders/owners: Laura Hyatt & Karen Wilkin & Christine Hart


Winners Dog

Chihawk The Natural

by CH Chihawk Windrift Sir Liam JC   x   CH Chihawk Tahoe Tomb Raider JC

 breeder/owners: Tami Marshall & Peggy Marshall


Reserve Winners Dog

Legende's Patrician Fendi

 by Ch Staraja Russa Dushil Legende  x  Ch Legende's E-Baronessa Pearle

breeder/owner:  Patricia Sargeant


Reserve Winners Bitch

Echovesna's Chihawk First Luv

by CH Chihawk Tahoe First Wave  x  CH Echovesna's Abracadabra

 breeder:  Harriet Goldner.    owners:   Tami Marshall & Peggy Marshall


Award of Merit, & Best Veteran In Show, & First Veteran Dog 7 Years And Under 10 Years

CH JAY JP Raiga At Meyta

by Am/Can CH Meyta Dostoyevski  x  CH Seabury's Lauralei

 breeder:  Jay Ito      owner:  Laura Hyatt


Award of Merit & First, Brood Bitch

CH Chihawk Tahoe Tomb Raider JC

by Ch Seventh Dynasty Of The Wild Hunt JC  x  Tahoe's Bright Chihawk Rose SC

breeder: Tami Marshall & Peggy Marshall & KC Artley   Owners: Tami Marshall & Peggy Marshall


Award of Merit

CH Majenkir Raynbo's Silver Cameo

 by CH Majenkir Nearctic  x  Bookstore Vanity Fair O'Majenkir

 breeder: Karen Cartabona.      owners: Roni Zucker & Jennifer Zucker & Karen Cartabona.


Award of Merit

CH Radozny Aviann Opium Asgard

by CH Aviann Occum's Razor  x  CH Radozny Kalisza

 breeders: Pamela Hall & Viann Clements.   owners:  Caroline Thibodeau & Lucie Langlois


First Stud Dog

CH Staraja Russa Dushil Legende

by Darbascan's Scotch Amber  x  Borscana Helter Skelter

.breeder: Susanna & Kristiina Voutilainen.  Owner: Patricia Sargeant 


Best in  Veteran Sweepstakes

CH Nickolai Blu Velvet Clairidge CDX

by Cordova Mishkova Red Falcon x CH Nickolai Daria Aphrodite

 breeders: Bonnie Nichols & Barbara Horwitz & Mary Vile      owner:  Bonnie Nichols


Best of Opposite Sex Veteran Sweepstakes

CH JAY JP Raiga At Meyta

by CH Meyta Dostoyevski  x  CH Seabury's Lauralei

 breeder:  Jay Ito      owner:  Laura Hyatt


Best in  Puppy Sweepstakes

Auroral Rising Star Iroquois

by CH Auroral's Across Time Sirius  x  CH Rising Star Liberty Belle

breeder:   Nadine Johnson.     owners: Jon Steele & Jenni Steele


Best of Opposite Sex Puppy Sweepstakes

Aashtoria Wildhunt 4 Your I's Only

by CH Mascha's Nepal Of The Wild Hunt SC  x  CH Svora's Secret Rendezvous JC

breeders:  Robin Riel & G Ariel Duncan.     owners:  G Ariel Duncan & Ralph Jamison


High Score In Obedience Trial

CH Nickolai Ryndar Aziza Riju UD JC NJP RN

by DC Teine Windmaster Of Foxwood SC  x  CH Nickolai Vasilev Vermilion

breeder:  Bonnie Nichols.     owners: Rich & June Mintchell


       Photographer:  Photos by Susan & Lennah

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