Midwest Borzoi Club Specialty

Cudahy, Wisconsin

August, 2006     

Judge, Regular & Non-Regular Classes:  Barbara O'Neill

Judge, Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes:  Tami Marshall

Best of Breed

CH Sylvan Vitrina Finian's Rainbow JC

 by DC Sylvan Seabury Virago SC FCH  x  CH Vitrina Zoetrope CD

 breeders: Valori Trantanella & Christopher Neale & Patti Neale.     owners: Christopher Neale & Patti Neale


Best of Opposite Sex

CH Auroral's Across Time Sirius

 by CH POSH Echovesna's Islaev  x  CH Sirius Reach For The Stars

 breeder: LaVonne Novakofski.     owners: Jon & Jenni Steele


Winners Bitch & Best Of Winners

Iskra Kalinow

by Kuskaya's Arak Of Kalinow  x  Starborough Fait Accompli

breeders: Robert & Silvia Kalinowski.    owner: Susan Motisi


Winners Dog  &  Award Of Merit 

Auroral's Apollo

by CH Kyrov's Ever After  x  Auroral's Alyeska

 breeders:   Jon & Jenni Steele.    owners: Loretta Franklin & Jenni Steele


Reserve Winners Dog

Windrift Kaleidoscope

by CH Windrift Hungry Eyes SC  x  DC Windrift Bound For Glory SC

 breeder/owners:  Jon & Nancy Reimer


Reserve Winners Bitch

Best in  Puppy Sweepstakes

Sylvan Nutmeg

 by DC Sylvan Seabury Virago SC FCH  x  CH Zcerlov Sylvan Godiva

 breeder/owners: Christopher & Patti Neale


Best Veteran In Show

First, Veteran Bitch 7 Years And Under 9 Years

CH Warwinds Living In The City

 by CH Warwind Olias American Storm  x  CH Orlitsa V Triumfus Dyonisos

 breeders: Barbara & Frederick Lord.        owners: Susan Motisi & Barbara Lord


Award of Merit

CH Timatuck Echovesna Honor

 by CH Echovesna Zorro  x  Khanzade's Winter Olympic

 breeders:  Marcia Timmons & Katrina Averill.     owner: Harriet Goldner


Award of Merit

CH Ioury Kalinow

by Kuskaya's Arak Of Kalinow  x  Starborough Fait Accompli

breeders: Robert & Silvia Kalinowski.    owner: Pamela Leichtnam


Award of Merit

DC Sylvan Seabury's Virago SC FCH 

 by CH Seabury's Celtic Warrior  x   CH JAY Seabury JP Affectionately

 breeder/owners: James Sillers & Christopher Neale & Patti Neale


Best Puppy In Show

Katushka-Meyta Yves St Lauren

 by Katushka's Rock Star  x  CH Katushka-Kyrov's Splash

breeder/owners:  Joyce Law & Laura Hyatt


First, Veteran Bitch 9 Years and Under 11

CH Twin Elms Krolova O'Sertse

by CH Andvell Duel Of Twin Elms  x  Twin Elms Nadia

 breeder/owners:  Suzan Breaz & Hal Cousins


First, Veteran Bitch 11 Years and Older

CH Romanoc Colorful Swing New Moon SC

by CH Romanoc Color Me Coska CD SC LCM  x  Silkenswift Swingout Sister SC LCM

 breeders: Cynthia Lastauckas & Bonnie Dalzell.    owner:  Kris Woddail


Best of Opposite Sex Puppy Sweepstakes

Nonsuch Butte Des Morts

by Nonsuch Handsome Is  x  CH Nonsuch Witchcraft

 breeder/owners:  Kalen Dumke & Karen Dumke


Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

CH Oaklara Maryushka

 by CH Oaklara's Espresso    x    CH Oaklara Daybreak

 breeder/owner: Patricia Murphy

       Photographer:  Kim Booth

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