Midwest Borzoi Club Specialty

Franksville, Wisconsin

August 11, 2018     

Judge, Regular & Non-Regular Classes:  James Fredericksen

Judge, Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes:  Kristina Terra

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Best of Breed

GCHS Konza Plum Creek Bugatti At Elance

 by GCH Elance Beyond The Blue  x  GCH Katz Fashion Finesse At Konza

 breeders: Kay Cassella & Robert Bates  owners: Cherie Hunchak & Kay Cassella & Robert Bates   handler: Kay Cassella

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Best of Opposite Sex

GCH Chihawk Wave Raider

by CH Chihawk Tahoe First Wave  x  GCH Chihawk Echovesna I Luv You

 breeder/owners:  Tami Marshall & Peggy Marshall       handler Robin Novack

Booth Photo


Winners Dog & Best Of Winners

Paradise Spirit Chariots Of Fire

by GCHS Konza-Plum Creek Bugatti Elance & CH Konstantin's Summer Rain.

breeders/owners:  Susan M. Motisi & Kristi Arnquist.    handler: Kristi Arnquist

 Booth Photo


Winners Bitch 

Dion's Vassa

by Donskoi Vigow & Rusich Tearskaya Shtuchka

breeder: Elo Rahamagi

owners: Barbara Tyler Lord, Frederick Lord DVM and Meghann D. Lord-Fenn.    handler: Meghan Vos

photo by Barbara Tyler Lord



Reserve Winners Dog

Windrift Longshot At Tahoe

 by GCH DC Windrift Tahoe Chances Are SC FCH ROM-C  x  GCH Windrift Need You Tonight JC

 breeders:  Jon & Nancy Reimer      Owners: Steven & KC Artley

photo by Vicki DeGruy



Reserve Winners Bitch

Elance Ruffles And Truffles

by Elance Master And Commander & Elance Truth Or Dare

breeder/owner:   Cherie Hunchak         handler:  Kay Cassella

photo by Barbara Tyler Lord



Select Dog

 CH Avalyn If You Believe

by CH Majenkir Bookstor Fyodor Fine Art & CH Avalyn Everything My Heart Desires 

breeders: Lynne Bennett & Rachel Bennett     owners: Lynne & Mike Bennett

Booth photo



Select Bitch

CH Dana Dan Guinevere V Twin Elms

by Ch Twin Elms Trace of Smoke V Dana Dan JC & Twin Elm's Kolejka

 breeders: Suzan Breaz & Dana Thompson   owners: Dana Thompson & Ardietta Thompson     handler: Meghan Vos

photo by Barbara Tyler Lord


Award of Merit

GCH Lejoy Carol's Wintergreen Jojo's Gift Of Grace

by CH Majenkir Front And Center ROM-C & GCH Sylvan Stupefyin Jones

breeder/owner: Carol Levine


Award of Merit

GCH Elektra Krasivi Matrioshka RN CGC

by Linx Winds From Russia  &  Sonja Fi-It

breeder: Vendula Svobodova     owners: Yoriko Dixon & Lois Schultz.  handler: Lois Schultz


Award of Merit

CH Vitrina Fiero 

by GCH Vitrina Constellation & GCH Vitrina Sylvan One From The Heart JC

breeder/owner: Valori Vig Trantanella


Award of Merit

First, Veteran Dog 7 Years And Under 10 Years

Best In Veteran Sweepstakes

GCH Vitrina Ticonderoga

by CH Vitrina Rockyroad To Justice & GCH Vitrina Heart Of Gold Hvala Trillion JC FCH

breeder/owner:  Valori Vig Trantanella.

Booth photo


Best Opposite Sex Veteran Sweepstakes

GCH Chrysalis Endless Night

by CH Manitias Brilliant In Black & GCH Chrysalis Winter Gold. 

breeders: Pamela Jo Leichtnam & Janis Mcferrin   owner: Pamela Jo Leichtnam

Booth photo


Best in  Puppy Sweepstakes

Rufftuff Riverrun Scotty Karate

by DC Teine Zharkov Lucky Number & DC Riverrun Oxota Fire In The Glen Avalon JC MC CGC FCH SGRC

breeders: Kristen Suhrenbrock, Tina Wismer, Karla Smith & Tim Williams. 

owners: Tim Williams, Tina Wismer & Karla Smith.  hander: Tina Wismer

Booth Photo


Best of Opposite Sex Puppy Sweepstakes

 Chrysalis Jubilee Amaro

by CH Estet Classic Yarolik At Chrysalis & GCHB DC Jubilee Drop Of Golden Sun SC FCH

breeder:  Cindi Gredys         owner: Pamela Jo Leichtnam

Booth Photo


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